Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Importance of Editing

With this new change to ordering your photos through me comes the major perk of having every image you order color enhanced and perfectly edited.  I wanted to show you just a few images to demonstrate the importance of editing.  While the image straight out of the camera is good it can be enhanced slightly to get it perfect.  Before digital, unless you had your own dark room to adjust each of these things manually, none of this could be done.  Now with digital images, ideally each and every one of your images should get special attention.  However when you receive 60-100 images this would take so much time to do on each one.  Some photographers choose to limit your photo choices to 10-20 images, each of which is fully edited.  As a mom, I know how fun it is to not ONLY have the "perfect" images but also be able to have the cute, goofy expressions that show personality.  I would rather be able to show you more images and edit only the ones that you choose to print.

Most of the time I just enhance the background colors to draw attention to the subjects.

The second I took this photo I knew it was a keeper!  The one thing that I love about this edit is how much more her eyes stand out.

I love this old brick wall downtown Caldwell.  Straight out of the camera it isn't anything too spectacular, however you add that burst of color and it becomes amazing!

Sometimes the images just need a little bit of standard retouching to get rid of a strap or piece of hair.  I also always enhance those eyes a bit!

Notice how much more she jumps out at you in the second photo.... these little changes can make a huge difference.

A lot of times the only thing that needs done is the skin needs warmed up a little bit.  When shooting on an overcast day or like this shot, late in the evening, the skin tends to end up with a little bluish cast to it.

The Fall colors that are often so beautiful in person, don't show up quite so bright in a photo.
The other common problem is those slight shadows on the face.  I prefer to not shoot with any flash unless I have to (certain shots are better with it).  I little spot lightening can make her left eye not get lost in the shadow.

I hope this helps you to see the importance of professional editing.  When I take a photo, in my mind, I see the finished product.  Each photographer has their own way of editing; their own signature look.  This is mine, and this is why I am so excited for each of the photos that you give to loved ones and display in your house to have my signature!

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