Sunday, May 16, 2010

Madelyn: 2 Weeks

The beauty of knowing this little cutie's parents is that I could call them and tell them that I was coming over to take little Madelyn's photos!! These were shot at their house. I understand that sometimes this is the only way to get newborn photos done within the first two weeks (which I HIGHLY recommend because they still sleep all the time). As long has you have a good window or sliding glass door that doesn't get direct sunlight we can give this a try. Back to Maddie now... she was a trooper letting me pose her and change her. I could take her photos all day long, she is such a sweety, not to mention beautiful. We only got a few with her eyes open which is actually perfect... she has the rest of her life to have her eyes open in photos! Can't wait to do this again little Madelyn!

Headbands and most of the flowers are provided by Libby Loos Boutique.


Becky Gonce said...

Absolutly PRECIOUS!!!

Nettie said...

Beautiful photos..