Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something New

I have finally got all set up with a photo lab. So, now you can also order your photos through me. The prints from this lab are AMAZING, every time I make an order I have been so pleased with the results. The prints will be shipped directly to your home. This will save you the hassle of ordering and driving to get the photos yourself. For me, this ensures that the prints, color and cropping are perfect. For the next little bit (6 months or so probably) this will be an option for you but you will still be getting the cd. After that, there will be some changes. What I am thinking at this point is to give out a proof cd with all photo orders done through me. There has been a lot of interest lately in having me do the printing which has caused me to find a lab!
The pricing will be as follows:
8x10: $10
5x7: $5
4x6 or 4x5: $2.50
8 die cut wallets: $10
11x14: $20
mounted 16x20: $60
With a $100 order a 16x20 can be purchased at 25% off.
There are also lots of fun little options to add such as foil printing on wallets, canvas prints, and all sorts of different print sizes. So if you want anything special, just ask and I will let you know how much it will be.
My goal is to keep your photo printing cost low but ensure superior photographs without the hassle.

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