Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark and Kyla's Wedding

And I am done... here are photos from my brother Mark and his beautiful wife, Kyla's wedding. They got married on January 1st in California at a little bed and breakfast. Of course, I didn't do photos of the actual wedding but I did get to do what I love the most.... the couple photos. The day before the wedding we took photos of the two of them. We even set up them seeing each other for the first time on the front porch so that I could get photos. I would recommend this to all couples, it is easy to get relaxed, fun shots when you aren't stressed out about the wedding itself. The wedding was beautiful and we are so excited to welcome Kyla into our family.

The setting.
The boys.
The girls.

And of course one of the big reasons I couldn't do photos at the actual wedding... these adorable children!

The guest book table, also displaying one of the canvas prints that I had on sale a while back. They all turned out amazing!

And as if this wasn't enough photos, we are doing some more this weekend at the reception up here.... in the snow!


diane said...

Wonderful pictures. They are so relaxed and looking so happy. Also, love the ones of your darling little ones. I always have to smile when I see their pictures. They are so cute.

Cassandra said...

You did such a lovely lovely job! I love the black and whites, and especially the bottoms of her shoes! So cute!